The Concept

With the goal to create the best ride quality we can in our mountain bikes, we have disbanded the principles of classic full-suspension frame design, and redefined the traditional horst link to suit our frame’s kinematics. Frame stiffness, lower centre of mass and optimum shock performance are the key benefits to our IST Technology.

Rocker Link

Stiff and Compact Rocker Link

With the shock placed internally, we are able to design an ultra compact rocker link system for low weight and high stiffness. The rocker link is directly attached to the shock and mounted to an axle inside the frame, meaning the suspension pivots no longer have to be constructed around the frame. This makes our rocker link shorter than any other traditional suspension platform.



Low Centre of Mass

The shock is mounted in the lowest possible position inside the front triangle. This central and low mounting point for the shock, rocker link and pivot lead to a very low centre of mass, giving superb handling capabilities.

Shock Placement

All-round protection

The condition of the rear shock has a significant impact on suspension performance. The shock is always protected from dirt, UV and crashes to ensure it is functioning at its best.




Remote accessed dampening

The damping mode of the shock is remotely adjusted at the handlebar. This intuitive operation lets you switch the shock to your desired damping mode in seconds. Nothing stands in the way of a hard acceleration out of the saddle.

Frame Design

Straight Frame Tubes

The compact IST suspension system creates space in the frame, with straight tubes constructed from the highest quality silicon moulded carbon. This gives our front triangle high torsional stiffness and the ability to easily house a water bottle and other equipment needed for long rides or races.

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