Our Pro – Elite Swiss rider is the most experienced racer out of the boys. coming from a MX background, we know that when things get wild on the track – he has it all under control! Off the bike, Tim’s calm and pleasant demeanour is a vast contrast to when he puts on the race plate – focussed and ready to put it all on the line to take the top spot.


What is your first memory of Riding a bike?

First memories were on the BMX in the Motorcross paddocks when my father was racing MX around 25 years ago!


What are your goals for 2020?

Helveti’Cup top 3 overall and EWS top 40 results


Are you a pineapple on a pizza kinda guy? (this can tell a lot about someone)

Yes for sure!!


What have been your best race results so far?

2nd Enduro Swiss Champs 2019, 3rd Mountain of Hell 2019 (from 150th start position) and 2nd Swiss DH Cup Wiriehorn 2018



Tim- Pinned!

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