The Cowboy! Our Swiss Junior racer is only happy riding in one mode – on the limit! Pushing it over the edge in the Zermatt EWS and breaking his heel, Robin carried on racing for another two stages to secure second place in his category. This says everything about this guy. Meet Robin – our wildman!

What is your first Memory of Riding a bike?

Scars on the knees and hands from crashing


What are your goals for 2020?

What are your goals for this year (racing and non racing) Swisschampion U21 Enduro Top 10 in a EWS Race No injuries


Are you a pineapple on a Pizza kinda guy? (this can tell a lot about someone)

No, and I will not be associated with anyone who is.


What are your best race results so far?

4th place Swisschamps

2nd place EWS100 Zermatt

6th place EWS100 Les Orres



Robin. Full gas!

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