Our Austrian superstar! Peter is a Pro-Elite racer who has a huge presence in his country through media and some impressive race results to match. The 26 year old is regularly  featured sending it in issues of Austrian magazines. Peter will continue his racing in Austria, and has more Swiss races on his calendar for next year.

What is your first Memory of Riding a bike?

Riding in my backyard with a bunch of friends and pretending we were on Motorcross bikes.


What are your goals for 2020?

Having a good time whatever Im doing and getting some good race results along the way.


Are you a pineapple on a Pizza kinda guy? (this can tell a lot about someone)

No! But pineapple pizza is better than no pizza


What are your best race results so far?

1st place EWS Qualifier Kalnica 2019, 8th place European Series Jamnica 2019, 4th place EWS Qualifier Groznjan 2018



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