it takes a lot of style and confidence to get away with the sunglasses Liam wears…and this guy has plenty! Our Swiss Junior racer has been with us for a few seasons and  is just as smooth and stylish on the bike as he is off it. A local legend on his trails for flipping jumps most people are too scared to just jump, he has also been developing his reputation at getting poduim places on the Swiss Enduro scene.

What is your first Memory of Riding a bike?

My first memory of riding a “real” bike is in Crans-Montana. I had a white and pink 24in wheeled Kona stinky 2-4 and my dad and I actually put skull stickers on it to make sure people understood it was a boy’s bike, haha!


What are your goals for 2020?

My goals as far as racing go, are to be on the podium at every enduro national races of the year, hopefully even grab a win. For the non-racing side of things, I’m planning on doing photoshoots, traveling a bit and have fun!


Are you a pineapple on a Pizza kinda guy? (this can tell a lot about someone)

YES, absolutely!


What are your best race results so far?

IXS Swiss Downhill Cup overall 2018, Pro U19, 2nd place. Enduro Swiss championship 2019, U21, 2nd place. Enduro Helveti’cup overall 2019, U21, 3rd place.



Liam - All The Style

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