Any day, any weather, the vegan entrepreneur Dorota is stoked to be out riding! Uk Based, she is well know for sending the big lines at bike parks and looking for the next challenge.

What is your first memory of riding a bike?

Asking my dad to take the stabilisers off my bike and learning how to ride without them – I was probably four or five. Sadly that bike didn’t last long, my brother’s mate snapped it in half trying to do a stunt.


What are your goals for 2020?

To have the best year ever of course! I’m planning a big Eurotrip this summer, so my goal is to explore all the epic locations that Europe has to offer and enter a few races as I go along. Whistler Crankworx is also on the cards, and I have a few exciting projects in the pipeline, so stay tuned!


Are you a pineapple on pizza kinda person? (this can tell a lot about someone)

Forget pineapple, kiwi fruit on pizza is now a thing.


What are your best achievements so far?

On the bike, I’d probably say my progression in the 5 years of riding. Although I knew how to ride a bike from an early age, I didn’t know about mountain biking until I was in my 20s. In my first year of racing I managed to get to the top spot in the British Cycling Senior Women’s overall rankings so was pretty stoked on that! But these days I’m more stoked on hitting a big jump line or learning a new trick. That moment when you land and you realise you’re still alive is always a big achievement!

Off the bike, outside of riding I’m a freelance designer and artist – my biggest achievement to date was being recognised as one of the ‘Most Promising Female Entrepreneurs in the UK’ by Innovate UK in 2016. Also, having my interactive art piece exhibited in an art gallery in Rotterdam in 2018 was a pretty big milestone in my career.



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