There’s no one more original than this guy! Based in the Portes du Soleil, Cedric has been avoiding the wet weather and combining his creative ideas with sick riding skills to produce some of the most unconventional and entertaining content we have seen – without getting a single speck of mud on his shorts of course.

What is your first memory of riding a bike?

When dad said to me “today no stabilizers”. I cant remember what age i was, but I remember the place and feeling traumatised in front of this little hill . Even today I’m still searching for that same feeling – the adrenaline and the excitement as I felt as a little kid .


What are your goals for 2020?

Continue to RideDry, keep enjoying myself and see where the next adventure takes me !


Are you a pineapple on pizza kinda guy? (this can tell a lot about someone…)

‘’ Danette’’ will hate hate me but never ! It’s like my tires in the muck, they don’t mix !

(For your info ‘’danette’’ is a local riders who’s a big pineapple fan )


What have been your best acheivements so far?

On the bike : in terms of competition, it was the world championship BMX race in Paris-Bercy … and today I feel proud and lucky to have the opportunity to represent an innovative brand like Bold. Riding for myself, riding for the pleasure and sharing its a dream !

Off the bike : my daughter Lea – Cheesey but true!



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